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Around Carcassonne

a breath of fresh air

To fill up on nature, we offer you some of our good plans less than 45 minutes from Palaja Castle.

Is it very hot? - go refresh yourself in the Mediterranean at Gruissan or in a small sumptuous river or take the opportunity to visit the caves and abyss which will leave you admiring.

Stroll through the typical villages on a market day to allow you to appreciate the variety of the short circuit on the Corbières or Black Mountain side.

Discover the abbeys and go hiking on the trails that smell of thyme and rosemary.

Taste the local wines and admire the vineyards.

Take part in discovery workshops or choose a thrilling sport.

Breathtaking places

Take your eyes full. Breathe the great outdoors!

Lagrasse et Ribaute

Located less than 40 minutes from our establishment, is the village of Lagrasse, one of the most beautiful villages in France. In the heart of the Corbières massif, we invite you to discover this picturesque village between vineyard and mountain and to discover its vestiges from another era: its Benedictine abbey, its monastery, still inhabited by monks that you can come across in the sumptuous bookstore nun, the 14th century halls, the old bridge etc.

Our suggestion: in summer, sip a local fruit juice under the majestic lime tree of the courtyard.

3 minutes from Lagrasse, in Ribaute, take a sunbath on the terraces dug in the cliff on the edge of the Orbieu and bask in the basins dug by the river in its bed. A pure corner of paradise for swimming in the middle of wild nature.

The Castles of Lastours

Less than 30 kilometers away, discover the four Lastours castles in the Black Mountain. All four are built on a rocky outcrop and offer a panoramic view of the Orbiel valley and the medieval village of Cabaret. They have been classified as a "Historic Monument" since 1905. Along the Orbiel, visit the Cabaret, the Régine Tower, the Surdespine and the Quertinheux. Even today, there are archaeological excavations. The walk is done on foot and lasts about an hour. Come well dressed and take a bottle of water!

Our suggestion: From the village, go to the belvedere which offers a remarkable view overhanging the valley.

Gruissan, the salt flats and its chalet beach

From Leucate to Fleury -d'Aude, the coastline is cut into a string of islands and ponds. sometimes salty, these bodies of water can be explored by mountain bike, on foot or in a boat. Observe the colonies of pink flamingos, taste the fleur de sel and fresh oysters while visiting the salt flats of Ile Saint-Martin in Gruissan! At the end of summer, the waters take on a magnificent pink color !!

our suggestion: go to the beach of the chalets and get lost in the middle of these wooden houses on stilts, made legendary by the famous film by Jean Jacques Beineix "37.2 ° C in the morning" in which we remember scenes from the couple Beatrice Dale and JH Anglade.

Fontfroide Abbey

This abbey is located in the heart of the regional natural park of Narbonne. It was born in 1093 and was a Benedictine abbey until 1144 and 1145 where it was integrated into the Cistercian order. Several paths invite you to appreciate splendid and wild landscapes while crossing the scrubland, but also the vine which produces the wine of Corbieres. Admire the particularly varied flora.

Our suggestion: Many concerts, events, exhibitions are organized on site. Ask about the agenda. There is also a restaurant on site.

The Sculptural Trail of Mayronnes

An unusual 6km getaway for everyone, just 10 km from Lagrasse and 40 minutes from Palaja Castle.

Between art and nature, this artistic hike invites you to stroll. Contemporary works of art mark out the path and marry, with happiness, the beauty of the Corbières.

The caves of Limousis

In about twenty minutes, you will be on the site of the Caves of Limousis. You will be offered an hour-long route to discover five rooms and two underground lakes over a kilometer. These underground worlds will surprise you with its stalactites, its multicolored columns and ecstatic and especially its giant and unique aragonite chandelier! You will have the chance to discover hundreds of millennial mineral formations, remains of cave bears and tools dating from prehistoric times.

The Cabrespine chasm

This cavity can be discovered with family, friends or two. This 250m deep abyss visible from a suspended walkway is so large that it could contain the Eiffel Tower!

Upon reservation, you can participate in an acro-cave activity. This underground activity allows you to make a zip line or even climb a wall. The opportunity for you to discover the underground river.

our suggestion: Take advantage of it in all weathers because the caves have a constant temperature of 14 ° C.

The Paper Mill

In the commune of Brousses et Villaret, less than 40 minutes by car from our establishment, is the Moulin à Papier. Built at the end of the 18th century, it is the last paper mill in Languedoc still in operation. Come and discover the magic of handmade paper and participate in the production of your own sheets using old-fashioned hydraulic machines. At the mill are even made dresses!

the paper is made from different raw materials .... some are very surprising ...