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In Carcassonne

Carcassonne one of the 100 most beautiful landscapes in France

Our hotel with sauna is located at the gates of Carcassonne, a two-headed city between city and Bastide Saint-Louis.

It appears that the first walls of the city were built in Gallo-Roman times. The main additions were made in the 13th and 14th centuries. By looking at the history of Catharism and the Albigensian crusade, you will understand how, following the Carcassonne inquisition, became two-headed.

Affected by the Hundred Years War, it then developed thanks to the cloth industry.

Despite its military role on the border between France and Aragon, the city in the 18th century lost its importance in favor of the Bastide where luxurious mansions were built.

It was not until the 19th century that a few scholars J, Pierre Mayrevielle and Prosper Mérimée supported the restoration of the city, starting with the Basilisue Saint Nazaire. The architect Viollet le Duc, specialist in restorations in France successfully carried out this work for 1/2 century and restored the grandeur of the 13th century.

Walking the streets of downtown Carcassonne (Bastide Saint Louis), you will discover Place Carnot with its Neptune fountain, around which the market is held every Saturday morning, then Saint-Michel cathedral. Also cross the Pont-Vieux to get one of the best spots on the medieval city. Take the time to stroll down rue de la Trivalle at the foot of the ramparts.

The city of Carcassonne

Today, the City of Carcassonne is the largest set of fortifications of the Middle Ages.

The famous city of Carcassonne

With a double enclosure, 52 towers and 3km of ramparts, it overlooks the hill.

Classified by UNESCO, the medieval city offers two faces: during the day, walk through the typical alleys, sheltering restaurants with shaded terraces and shops, and at night, discover the illuminations of the ramparts and enjoy the calm and find the atmosphere medieval.

The city is home to the Château Comtal, where visits are organized during the summer while shows of chivalry are held in the running. Don't miss the Saint-Nazaire basilica.

our suggestion: do not miss the On and Off music festival of the 2 cities (city and Bastide) in July and August with beautiful headliners and a unique proximity in the open air theater.

The Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi, also classified by UNESCO, is one of the oldest canals in Europe still in operation. This exceptional work of art, considered by his contemporaries as the largest construction site of the 17th century, links Toulouse to the Mediterranean Sea. It was supervised by Pierre Paul Riquet, under the control of Colbert. Take a boat trip and explore the canal from the port of Carcassonne opposite the station. The discovery of the passage through the locks will delight adults and children alike.

Our suggestion: the banks of the canal are also suitable for hiking and biking. Visit Trèbes, its triple lock, its fresh fish restaurants and its typical harbor.

The Cavayère lake

Sport, leisure and relaxation will be the watchwords during your visit to Lac de la Cavayère. Sandy or grassy beach as well as picnic areas or beach volleyball courts await you for an ideal moment of family relaxation. In summer, take advantage of the pedal boats, the zip line of the "O2 Aventure" treetop adventure course the lake, inflatable water games from the Aquaviva base (springboards, slides, ramps ...), as well as water skiing. Only 5 km from Palaja Castle, go to "Carcassonne-plage"!

Our suggestion: A 5.5 km jogging path goes around the lake, in the middle of wooded vegetation of the Mediterranean type. you can also swim across the water 1.7 km. Do not miss the meeting of the "spartan race" every year at the beginning of May around the lake of the cavayère near Carcassonne.