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Useful numbers in case of emergency

  • Police (toll free) 17
  • Firefighter (free call) 18
  • Samu (free call) 15
  • European emergency number (free call) 112

       Mrs Remy 0033 6 63 69 88 32

       M Remy 0033 6 61 79 32 88


 In the event of a fire in your bedroom, if you cannot control the fire:

● Reach the exit by closing the door of your room securely and following the signs.

● Notify reception.

 In case of hearing the alarm signal

● If the clearances are passable, go to the exit by closing the door of your room tightly and following the markings.

● If the smoke makes the hallway or the stairs impassable, stay in your room; show your presence at the window while waiting for the arrival of the fire brigade.

Note: A wet and closed door, sealed with makeshift means (damp rags) protects for a long time.

Your arrival/Your departure

  • WI-FI

The establishment offers a free Wi-Fi service.

Please select the network that displays the best reception among: château_palaja, ChateauDePalaja1 to ChateauDePalaja11

If you want to connect with several devices, several different email addresses are required.

This procedure is mandatory in hotels to fight against pedophilia and terrorism.

Detailed instructions are available at reception and in the rooms. Please inform the reception of any problems encountered during the connection. Sometimes you just have to unplug and reconnect a terminal for the connection to be made. 


Don't forget the entry code given to you when you arrived and which allows you to open the main door of the castle. Please do not share this with anyone.

  • KEYS

Please leave your room key in the key box provided for this purpose at reception.


A secure luggage room is available under the main staircase. 

Please contact reception to take advantage of this service.

We recommend that you do not leave valuables in the suitcases left in the luggage room.

  • SAFE

In each room you will find a secure safe. The user manual is stuck nearby and allows you to close it with the code of your choice. 

Our safes are large enough to store a computer with a screen width of up to 17 inches.


Please report any leaks or anomalies to reception

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  • WI-FI

The establishment offers a free Wi-Fi service.

Please select the network that displays the best reception among: château_palaja, ChateauDePalaja1 to ChateauDePalaja11

If you want to connect with several devices, several different email addresses are required.

This procedure is mandatory in hotels to fight against pedophilia and terrorism.

Detailed instructions are available at reception and in the rooms. Please inform the reception of any problems encountered during the connection. Sometimes you just have to unplug and reconnect a terminal for the connection to be made. 


You have free parking located below the castle on the other side of the steel bridge, in our private park.

 A place for people with reduced mobility is available at the entrance to the castle.

To preserve the tranquility and beauty of the site, vehicle traffic is not authorized in front of the castle except for a short stop (time for you to drop off your suitcases, before going to park below on the car park).


Reducer cot

High chair Bed rail

Changing mat Small bath

Chamber pot bottle warmer


Rooms are ready from 4:00 p.m.

Rooms must be vacated no later than 11 a.m.

Beyond this time, the common facilities remain at your disposal.

The establishment is 100% non-smoking.

Outside you will find pots filled with sand to put cigarette butts


Animals are not allowed in the establishment.

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Price: 13 euros /pers – free for children under 7

The pleasure and variety of a breakfast buffet.

The buffet is open from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in the air-conditioned breakfast room located on the ground floor. In summer, you can sit on the outdoor terrace located in front of the building.

If the times do not suit you, please inform the reception in order to try to find a solution.

If you follow a special diet (gluten-free for example), please inform the reception as soon as possible. Thank you!

If you do not wish to have breakfast, please inform the reception at check-in or at the latest the previous evening before 8:00 p.m. Thank you for your understanding. 

Any breakfast ordered and not canceled the night before will be charged.


Price: 20 euros/person

If you would like to have breakfast in your room, please ask us when you check-in.

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Snacks on site


Rates available at reception

We offer you a light snack solution to enjoy in the garden. Our cheese and charcuterie boards are made with products selected by Cathy and Eric by promoting the short circuit as much as possible. We also offer ice cream made in Carcassonne as well as Carcassonne beers and wines from the region by the bottle. 

Ask for our card at reception.  


Rates available at reception or on the fridge

A selection of drinks and snacks are offered in the mini bar of each of our rooms. Please note your consumption on the form provided for this purpose above the mini bar and declare it when you check out.



During reception opening hours.


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  • S LIKE on site
  • THE ALCHEMIST in the village
  • LA CAZI DEL MAR in the neighboring village of Cazilhac
  • Our recommendations a little further

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Services at Palaja Castle

  • POOL

Hours: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.


€2 per bath towel

You have a swimming pool secured by a closure suitable for children. It is located out of sight when leaving the castle on your right in front of the dovecote. Access is via the stairs behind the dovecote.

You can pick up large bath towels at reception.

They should be returned to your room or reception after use.


Join the world of biotechnical and biosolarama treatments and products.

Remember to book at reception.

Settlement directly with your beautician.

Facial treatments adapted to your needs (from 45 to 80 €)

A sensory escape with our cabin treatments

Energizing or de-stressing body treatments



 The fitness room is at your disposal free of charge. 

It is located on the ground floor.

Please note that the fitness room is not a playroom for children.


Rates available at reception

Bathrobes on request price: 2€ 

Please let us know if you want to use this service.

You will find on site the mode of use and the restrictions.

  • The Salon and its comic book library

Eric Remy's private collection includes more than 2,000 comics, available to you free of charge.

A library is specially provided for children with the adventures of Tintin, Trolls of Troy, Lanfeust de Troy, Joe Bar Team, Spirou... Thank you for putting the albums back in their place after reading.

 TV (TNT channels) is also available in this shared space. 



Board games are available. We ask that you please only use them in the lobby and put them away after the game is over.



The pétanque court is located in front of the pool. Remember to ask for the jack at reception before the game.

We also have Bowling and Molkky games available at reception. 

A table tennis table is installed during the season. Snowshoes can be collected from reception.

Please collect items when you're done


Sit down in the shade of the beautiful trees on the castle terrace or in the garden and enjoy the sun while enjoying a drink or an ice cream.

Walk in the park, in the shade of the majestic trees. 

Some trees in our park have been classified as “remarkable trees” such as this magnificent Atlas cedar with its “U” shaped leg.


For your comfort, we provide you with:


Extra soap alarm clock

Space heater Electrical adapters

Scale Additional hair dryer

A first aid kit A sewing kit

Extra square pillow or Hygiene kit


in several thicknesses

With participation (€2 per item):

- Bath sheets

- Towels

- Bathrobes

Just ask for them at reception.


Prices on estimate

If you wish to have your clothes cleaned, we advise you to approach the reception – the service will be invoiced at the price of the launderer with whom we work and according to their deadlines.

An ironing kit is available by asking at reception.

A shoe shine machine is available for free in the hallway on the 1st floor.


Price: €125

From Monday to Thursday evening, our business customers offer a stopover evening in the comfort room of at least 20m2. You can choose your dinner on the hotel side (in the garden, in the living room or in the breakfast room) in the form of a cheese/charcuterie board or Cassoulet/salad or even in the form of a mixed salad of the moment. A dessert and a drink accompany the meal. 

Business breakfast time should be communicated in advance, please.


Prices on estimate

Palaja Castle has a seminar room. An estimate will be established according to your needs. The room can accommodate up to 14 people around an oval table, or 19 people around a "U" table, or 25 people in theater. If you are interested, contact the reception.

An event to celebrate with the family? Between friends ? Need to motivate your team? Are you looking to meet in a quiet and discreet place? - Let us know your wishes, we will establish an estimate. 


Prices available at reception

Charging vouchers are installed for electric cars. Thank you for contacting the reception to connect and find out the price.  

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Service around


every day except Sunday





every day except Sunday 08:00–12:30



Russ Laurent Butcher

Tuesday - Saturday





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Tourist info

  • for a short stay (pdf)
  • for a long stay (pdf)

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Our identity


Palaja is backed by the first wooded hills of pines and holm oaks at the foot of the Corbières massif. Due to its location on the first foothills of the Corbières, the environment of Palaja is very varied and pleasant. 

Many paths or paths allow you to walk through moors of broom, thyme or other scrubland plants, to walk in the undergrowth, under pines or holm oaks, or to climb rocky slopes. An immediate environment that delights hikers, horseback riders or mountain bikers. 

The town includes what is called the "old village", about thirty houses around the church and the building that housed the school, the old town hall and the castle. The town is very large and joins the Lac de la Cavayère. 2200 inhabitants live there. Most work in tourism, viticulture, the army (presence of the 3rd Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment) or the hospital. Away from the agglomeration, there are 13 domains that we call in our region, campaigns. 

The Gothic village church dates from the 14th century. Classified as a Historic Monument, it has been the subject of an ambitious renovation program since 2003. Quality concerts take place there several times a year.

On the site of the old Oratory, a fountain flows from a nearby spring known in the Middle Ages for curing fevers. Nowadays, the fountain is no longer in use, but is still the subject of a procession on August 15.

The first writings found date from the 18th century, but the west tower (on the left when you are facing the castle) is probably older (16th century). This tower stood alone for a long time in the form of a dovecote.

The body of the castle was first built up to the main entrance gate.

The last tower was completed in 1913.

Georges Degrand (Baron de Beauvoir), former magistrate, prosecutor to the seneschal and interim mayor of Carcassonne, organized his succession in 1815.

His son, Jacques Degrand, a lawyer but also a poet in Occitan and French, established a water pipe with pipes and masonry called Aqueduct.

Louis and Jean Bary, 2 merchant brothers, bought this complex in 1844 and had to maintain the aqueduct. They built the east tower in 1913 and dug the rear passageway in 1867.

Mme Prieur, widow of Jean Louis Eugene Bary, sold the said Château de Palaja in 1960 to Edmond Sire.

In 2007, Catherine and Eric Remy bought and undertook the renovation of the castle to transform it into a hotel which now includes 12 spacious and different rooms, decorated by the care of the masters of the house.

The works lasted 3 and a half years and made it possible to modernize the site while trying to keep the period architectural elements (stone, fireplace, floor tiles, parquet floors).

You can consult a photo album at reception. It will give you a before-after overview of the work.


• During the work period, we used and/or reused materials present on site or in the surrounding area so as not to waste anything or unnecessarily repurchase.

• The furniture has been restored, salvaged and then revamped or transformed or built by salvaging steel from the site.

• The vanity tops are all made from the purchase of whole tree trunks that Eric learned to work with. 

• All windows are equipped with double glazing for better insulation.

• We directed rainwater to our well. This water is reused to water green spaces.

• All rooms and common areas are equipped with low-consumption light bulbs or LED bulbs.

• The entrance has a light trigger to save energy. 

• All taps and showers are equipped with a system that reduces the flow of water.

• The toilets are equipped with a water flow selector.

• The car park and the surroundings of the building are composed of a natural coating so as to let water penetrate for the environment.


The establishment is 100% non-smoking.

Animals are not allowed in the establishment.

It is imperative not to throw anything in the toilet (tampons, sanitary napkins). Please use the trash can.

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  • TAXI

00 33

  • BUS

Bus N° 3 can take you to Carcassonne. You can ask for the timetables at the reception.  

  • BIKES AVAILABLE - rates available at reception

Depending on availability you can rent bikes. 

Please contact reception the day before if you are interested. A bag containing a helmet and a repair kit will be provided.

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